Multiple JSON values into XLSX Template via Powerapps


I have a flow which takes powerapps data from users via a collection. This collection is formatted as JSON and then sent to the flow. I parse the JSON and store into a SQL database these new records. Thereafter i want to implement the XLSX from template process through Plumsail. The SQL issue is working, however not the plumsail to an extent.

I'm able to get some data into the XLSX template format, however i have issues with the Apply To Each which results in the template experiencing some duplicate values and shifting the formatting of the template.

What I hope to achieve is to store the top section with relevant information (this information doesn't change) then the remaining 'changes' issued by user to be updated in the following cells further down in the xlsx form.

Below are the images from my flow and xlsx template and the resulting template. I've anonymized it however the image with yellow "blah" is the correct results i wanted back. The shifting of the template format in the information is not.

Could you please assist?





Original Template:

Template after flow: