New Form Hanging on First Load

We’re experiencing an issue with Forms… both SP and Plumsail forms are hanging in loading (spinning icon) on first pass to the form. If the user refreshes the page, the form will fully load. What’s going on?

Dear Maura,
Not sure, what's the version you are currently running?

Both the app:

And the app package:

This information could help. Please, try to clean browser's cache, this might be related.

Finally, if you get such an error again, where a form gets stuck - please, open the browser's console and send us screenshots of any errors. If a form doesn't load - there must be errors in there, to give us a clue as to what goes on.

App version 1.3.4
app package version

Console error:
VM714 spform.js:formatted:22 Uncaught TypeError: n is not a function
at window.webpackJsonp (VM714 spform.js:formatted:22)
at 25.9aac718e892304d42db7.js:1

Dear Maura,
This does look like the issue that has been fixed in the latest version of the app. Normally, when you launch desktop editor, it should prompt you to update to the latest version, please, do so.

If this doesn’t happen, please, download the latest version of the editor from your Plumsail Account -

After you install and update to version 1.3.8, please, re-save the forms that have the issue, and clean browser’s cache fully.

Let me know how it goes - looking forward to your feedback!

We are experiencing this as well on several installations. Doing ctrl+F5 will refresh the form and open it.

Another issue we are experience and I am not sure if it is related is that data is stuck from previous submitted form within text fields, especially multiple line text fields.

Dear @shakonarson,
As I’ve replied before, please, make sure to update the latest version - both the editor and the App Package!

As for data getting stuck, are you sure it happens after submissions? If the form was exited, the data will be saved, but if it was submitted properly, it should clean the cache. Could you perhaps record a short video for us of how this happens?