New List using template where template have plumsail forms

I am using SharePoint 2019 and Modern Plumsail forms versions,

Below tasks I am using farm based solution using C#
I have list (Named as "Application Base Template") and its forms are customized using Plumsail forms,
Saved this list as a List Template.
Created new List ( Template 25 02092023) using "Application Base Template"
Created the copy of all the forms in Site Pages -

I want to associate form for new List, (using C#)

Dear @sanaullah102,
If you want to provision existing forms with C#, please, use our NuGet package for this - Plumsail Forms Provisioning API for SharePoint — SharePoint forms

The example given in this article is for SharePoint Online, authentication is slightly different in SP2019 - Plumsail Forms Provisioning example for SharePoint — SharePoint forms