New Related item on a new form

Hiya @mnikitina

I was wondering if there is an equivalent to this this: in the new forms designer? As it would be great to be able to create a related item from a new parent form!

If not, the issue I have is that we have a form that will be opened in a dialogue, but needs to have a related item created for it. there doesn't seem to be a way to refresh a dialogue so that you can then attach a related item in the edit view (related item is a list not doc library).

Hoping you can help!

Hello @Jamal_Smith-Graham,

Plumsail Forms have List or Library control that allows creating of related items bound to the main item.

You can find setup instructions and examples in our documentation here.

Thanks @mnikitina but it does help when the main item is a new item and you are creating a releated item to the item that doesn't exist yet!


Child items will be bound to the Parent item once the Parent item is saved. Before that, the related items displayed only for the user who created them.

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YOU GUYS ARE GENUISES!!!! @mnikitina

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