No access to the site after I granted AAD group access by automate

I used Automate to invite applicant to the AAD and add him/ her to the group.


And this group has permission to this "Claim form" page

However, there is no access to the page after accept AAD invitation.

And then, if I re-login the page, it will be fine.

Is that a bug from sharepoint permission?

Hello @itapps,

This issue is not related to Plumsail Forms or Actions. Please contact MS Support on this matter.

@mnikitina I believe that is the permission problem in sharepoint but not automate

I granted this user the view access to a specific item in 2 other lists

And after this user re-login, the permission will disappear.


You need to contact MS support on the matter or you can try granting access to the SharePoint Item using Plumsail Actions. You can find the instructions here: