On schedules, problems in setting CRON

I have a problem using Scheduler and setting CRON on tasks.

This is the case: I add a task and schedule it using the predefined options (Hourly, Daily, Weekly…). Let’s say for example I schedule it to start every day from Monday to Friday at 11 AM. I save and close it.

Then, I edit the task clicking on “Advanced” in “Schedule” tab: it shows the CRON string as per previous settings, in my example it shows “0 0 9 ? * 2,3,4,5,6” (don’t care about the hour, it shows it in UTC).
Now I want to modify the schedule using the CRON string, so I edit the string as I want. Let’s say I want it to start every 2 hours, so I edit it this way: “0 0 */2 ? * 2,3,4,5,6”
The problem is that if I modify the string and save, the interface shows the message “working on it…” and freezes there.
From now on, I can no more edit that task, each time i click on “edit” from the task list, it shows “working on it…” and stops there.

This occurs every time I edit a task and modify the CRON string, regardless the field I modify.
Using version 1.4.4

I see my topic has been moved to “Workflow Scheduler”, but I’m actually talking about the “Scheduler” function inside the “HelpDesk” app.

Hello @Chaostrophy, thank you for your message.

Sorry that I misunderstood your question at first.
It’s a bug and now, thanks to your message, we are aware of it.
We will fix it, unfortunately, I can’t give you an estimation.
But I will notify you right after we fix it.

Thanks a lot, in the meantime we solved copying the task and doing several different schedules.