Oops! There seem to be some errors below:

All of my public forms suddenly are displaying an error message, "Oops! There seem to be some errors below:" at the top even though the forms seem to be working properly.

Chiming in to say this is also happening to our site as well. Affects all public forms as far as I can tell. Any Plumsail staff: any help in raising awareness of this with engineering would be appreciated!

Same problem, since yesterday. Although a bit inconsistent - most forms (out of ca. 100 we have) only show the error message in Preview mode, a few of them in both Preview/Live, and a couple that aren't affected at all.

Hello @bs-sa, @chs-web, @donald.kantik,

The problem was related to custom themes, and we've published a fix!

If you still see the message, please clear the browser cache.

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Thank you! Fixed the issue in our setup :smiley: