Open parent form in full screen or specify resolution

Good day ,
I press from child list to a lookup id and want this parent form to be opened in a more bigger dialog. for know it is unreadable.

In parent form in display view i put this code:

fd.spRendered(function () {
    fd.control('SPDataTable1').ready().then(function (dt) {
        //dt parameter is the same as fd.control('SPDataTable0')
        console.log('SPDataTable0 is initialized');
        fd.control('SPDataTable1').buttons[0].text = 'Adăugați un tip de concediu';
        //set width and height:
        fd.control('SPDataTable1').dialogOptions = {
            width: 1280,
            height: 720

but no result

Hello @ixxxl,

How do you open the parent from? From the SharePoint list view or from the from using List or Library control?

From SharePoint list view


This code works when you open a dialog from a List or Library control.

To change the modal popup window size you can try injecting the CSS to the SharePoint list view page, something like this:

div.od-Dialog-main {
	width: 900px !important;
	height: 900px !important;

.od-Dialog-main--lg {
	width: 900px !important;
	max-width: 1000px !important;

Or search for another options in Microsoft community.

this doesn't help me, nothing changed.
i will try to search. thank you

nothing can't find ....