Open Plumsail SP Form in dialog, from another Plumsail SP Form not working

I'm having problems opening a SharePoint form I designed with Plumsail within another form I created with Plumsail. I want to create a new item or possibly edit if needed from a form that's pulled up with a button within another form. I followed this example but it's not working: Open SharePoint form in dialog from another form — SharePoint forms

My code in the button in the current open Form A:

//?PageType=8 - will open a New Form"",
{ Description: fd.field("OffereeEmail").value });

My JS code in Form B that is to pop up so that I can create/edit new information:

fd.spRendered(function() {
    //if opened in dialog
    if (window.frameElement && Dialog.getArgs()){
        //set Description to the passed Description
        fd.field("OffereeEmail").value = Dialog.getArgs().OffereeEmail;

I'm using the correct ID for Form B from its list settings ({ae943157-5dda-4363-81a6-01b87c5c7850}
) and both these forms are in the same site. I also just tried this line to test if that was wrong on Form B: fd.field("OffereeEmail").value = Dialog.getArgs().Description;

Not sure why the button in Form A is not doing anything as the example seems pretty simple. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
(By the way, for some reason after I paste the list ID here it changes the beginning and end to "{" and "}" when it should be "%7B" and "%7D".)

Dear @lso,
Please, check browser's console for errors when clicking the button which should open a dialog and send us a screenshot of both the console and the form.

Hello @Nikita_Kurguzov ,

This is the bottom of the form with the Enter Candidate Offers button that supposed to pull up the other form for data entry.

This is the console code that pops ups when I press the Enter Candidate Offers button.

Dear @lso,
It clearly states that the field is undefined... Are you sure that's the correct Internal field name: fd.field("OffereeEmail").value ?

Hi @Nikita_Kurguzov ,

Yes, here's a shot of the name of the field in the Plumsail app from Form B:

Screenshot 2021-04-22 232717

Here's a shot of the JavaScript code in the Form B, Plumsail:

Screenshot 2021-04-22 232754

And here's the code on the button in Form A, Plumsail:

I'm not sure why nothing is popping up when the button is clicked. I'm just testing with the one field for now and eventually need to place all fields for editing from Form B. Do you see anything wrong with my code?

Thank you.

Dear @lso,
But you're passing this value from Form A, so the field must be available on Form A.

Please, try the following for now:

//?PageType=8 - will open a New Form"",
{ Description: "Test description" });

Hi @Nikita_Kurguzov ,
OK, I see that's how it works I got:

So I would need at least one of these fields in this image I attached here also in my Form A then if I wanted to pull up Form B to fill out the rest of the information and create a record. Would there be a way to place a field or button in Form A that I could pull up this newly created record from Form B? It seems I'm just creating records for Form B from Form A without being able to quickly pull it up to see in Form A after the initial record was created. We are trying to place a record of job offers and the candidates linked together.
Thank you.

Dear @lso,
What about the List or Library control? You can link children items with lookup field, like in this article (also has a video guide) - Automatically bind items or documents to parent — SharePoint forms

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