Ordering org chart search results

Our org chart search bar is currently configured to display both the searched-for individual as well as the invididual’s direct reports. The search results are limited to 10 items, so when an individual has more than 10 reports, the individual may not be included in the search results. Is there any way to limit the search results to the individual only? If not, is it possible to order the search results so that the searched-for individual displays first?

Hello @reblee,

Starting from the version 3.2.14 (Online and On-prem) we added the ability to change search query pattern and query source for user profiles data source. Thus, you can configure searching only by names or account names plus possibly some other fields.

You can specify the fields that are used in searching like this:

renderer.config.spSearchQueryPattern = "aProperty: *{{keyword}}* or OtherProperty: *{{keyword}}* or OtherProperty: *{{keyword}}*"

For example:

renderer.config.spSearchQueryPattern = 
  'JobTitle: "{{keyword}}*" OR Department: "{{keyword}}*"';

You should use Metadata property names as property names in the query, not user profile property names.

Please, note that the search will work if you have SharePoint search service configured.

Alternatively, you may increase the max number of items is search results. It is 10 by default. You can do it like this:
renderer.config.searchResultMaxCnt = 15;

I noticed that your maintenance is expired. In you have a version lower than 3.2.14 and would like to upgrade to get the new functionality you would need to purchase 1-year maintenance. You can do it using this link. Once you purchase the maintenance please drop a message at [email protected] and we will provide instruction to upgrade.

Best Regards,
Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team

Where (location and file) is the "renderer.config.searchResultMaxCnt = 15; statement placed?