Org Chart adding a link to a different site


In my box template i have the below code i’m wanting to have the word Office then link to the users website which is linked in user profiles.


the above just puts in the link to the website, so how do i change this so that its worded as Office but takes them to the same link? i’m hoping this makes sense.

ah alas the code doesn’t seem to come up its basically div class field container an a target with _blank then the website in the handlebar brackets close a and the div.

Thanks In advance.


Hi @slawtey,

I’m not sure that I correctly understand your question.

I assume you have custom property in user profiles called “WebSite”. When you put {{WebSite}} to box template, Org Chart just takes this property from current user profiles and includes it into HTML.

If you want to display this as a clickable link you should use something like this:

<a href="{{WebSite}}" target="_blank">Office</a>

If this is not what you want to achieve, please provide more examples.