Org chart by org hirearchy

Can we have two views:

View 1: Reporting hierarchy – wherein we show who reports to whom. From the demo video I conclude this is available.

View 2: Organization hierarchy – wherein we would show how the organization is structured.
Example for org hierarchy (view 2): If we take IT department, IT department could have Infrastructure, Applications, Internal Audit & Compliance, Helpdesk. In the org hierarchy view we should see the department hierarchies.
Thank you.


You can do this with a little workaround.

You can create separate web part which would look like this:

You need to create SharePoint list with following structure:

Where Parent Department is a lookup to current list:

Finally, list would look like this:

Then you need to configure mappings in the configuration wizard of the web part. You need to choose ID as Person ID, Parent Department as Manager ID, Title as Full name:

Universal mapping for fields is in our roadmap. Anyway you can request any additional functionality like universal mapping from our Pro Support, just send an e-mail with description of your task to [email protected] and we will provide estimation.

Is it possible to use informations from Organization profiles in User Profile Service Application?

Hi Rafal,

Thank you for your question.

Org Chart supports two data sources:

  • SharePoint user profiles
  • SharePoint list

So, you can display data from user profiles. It is possible to display any additional custom property from user profiles.

See web part configuration documentation.

Anton, I ment Organisation Profiles not User Profiles in User Profile Service Application … mage_6.png

But I thing this is not possible and I need to write something.

I see. Yes, it is note supported. This is not quick solution, but you can write custom script which will transfer all data to SharePoint list and then use it as a data source.