Org chart - caching issue

WE are using the SharePoint online version.

I have the org chart web part on two different pages on the same site using two separate lists.

On page name A it is using List A
On Page name B it is using list B.

If you open page A and then open page B it shows the data from list A.

Basically, it shows the information from the first list you visit until you say clear cache in the setting on the web part. We cannot expect sure to clear the cache each time they go to the web part.

Hi @Rachel_Marshall_Cent,

You can shorten the data caching period by adjusting the clientSideCachingLifeMinutes property.

The default caching lifetime is 240 minutes or 4 hours. You can set the caching lifetime to 5 minutes, for example:

api.config.clientSideCachingLifeMinutes = 5;

You can disable caching by setting the value of this property to 0.