Org.chart Company Tree (not person tree)

Hi, I'm new to Plumsal Org.chart but i've managed to get it up and running. However, the company I'm representing is big enough to have more than one company in the same organization. So I'd like the org.chart to display each company as a tree and THEN when using drill down the person tree shows up rather just a person tree with the CEO at the top.


  • STAB
  •      ->Company A
  •          ->Person C
  •             ->Person D
  •             ->Person E
  •      ->Company B
  •           ->Person F
  •             ->Person G

Is this possible?

Hi @Abump,
Yes, this is, in fact, possible, but you would have to add Companies in your tree as boxes so that they would be in the same graph as people.
To explain this more clearly: you can add a "Company 1" the same way in the same at a structure as a "Person", say as an item in the SharePoint list where you're getting the data from. Then you make the "Company 1" to be the "manager" of the Company's CEO, and all the other people will report to the CEO in the usual way.
The result will look something like:
GoT%202020-02-24%2020-22-51 /var/folders/q3/sm5gbq69113f9q6h9hf7d8lh0000gn/T/com.monosnap.monosnap/GoT 2020-02-24 20-22-51.png

After this, you can, of course, style your "Company" boxes in a way to make them stick our of "Person" boxes. You can make those boxed a different color and font using Custom CSS styles

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Hmm thank you very much for this work-around. I'll try it but it's unfortunate that the function ''who reports to who'' goes away a little. I'll take this solution to the workgroup, thanks!