Org chart error message

Hi All,

I seem to be getting the error message below

"Unable to automatically find the root employee. Possibly you specified the filtration rule that excludes everyone who could be automatically detected as a root employee. Please specify root employee manually in the configuration wizard (Filtration step)"

Would anyone be able to help?

Hi @VishMG,

Could you please share screenshots of the 'Data source' and 'Filtration' tabs from your configuration wizard?

This is the message I am getting when we have enter the data

Hi @VishMG,

Thanks! Could you also share a couple of screenshots of showcasing your SharePoint list and values in it? In particular the values of Sub-Sub-Projects and Sub-Projects - Level 2 fields.

The values are Example 1 ,2 3 etc. this is only testing and we will populate the values at a later stage

Hello @VishMG,

Please note that the Sub-Sub-Projects column should be of type 'Number' and the 'Sub-Projects - Level 2' column should be of type 'Lookup'.