Org Chart: New Entra ID (Azure ID formerly) data source and other improvements

We're thrilled to introduce the latest enhancements and updates to elevate your experience with Plumsail Org Chart for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint:

1. Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) as a data source of Org Chart for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint
You can now retrieve data from Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) to build organizational charts in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, or Microsoft Teams.


2. New localization languages added

Three new languages for Org Chart UI are now available out of the box:

  • German (Germany)
  • Norwegian (Norway, Bokmål)
  • Swedish (Sweden)

3. Enhanced multi-page PDF report generation

Multi-page PDF report generation is now faster, supports large organizations with no limits, and the ability to sort report pages alphabetically has been added.

For more details, check the blog post.