Org Chart - PictureURL Link

We are using the Office 365 version of the Org Chart.

When clicking on a user in the org chart and it brings up additional details on the user I was able to make the Title just text and not a Link (which goes to their Delve Office 365 profile) and also used Custom CSS to remove the “View Details” link (which also goes to their Delve Office 365 profile).

The PictureURL setting just allows you to pick which field to get the photo from but don’t see a way to not make it a link (which goes to their Delve Office 365 profile).

Is there a way to turn the link off on the photo?


Hi @dnet,

To remove the link to the Delve Office 365 profile please navigate to the Tooltip Template step of the Configuration wizard, switch to the HTML mode tab and remove the following code:

So, the code for the picture will look like this:


and the link will disappear.

Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking about doing that but once you switch to HTML mode you can not go back to design mode without resetting configuration. Thought there might be a way to do it with custom CSS or other setting. if not then we will have to switch to HTML and do it that way.

Hello @dnet,

You are right, switching back to Design Mode will reset the configuration. From another hand, the HTML mode is just another - more flexible - option to work with the templates. If you want, for example, to add some fields using the Design mode, saving custom settings beforehand somewhere seems to be the easiest solution. Then you would need to return back to the HTML mode and add customizations another time using the saved settings as a reference.

Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team