Org Chart Sharepoint Error

Hi there, my webpart is experiencing an error. Please see screenshot. We have recently attempted to load the latest version file, which seems to have loaded correctly. We only noticed this error recently.

I also checked with our IT Admin team who loaded the updated package. See attached what it looks like.

Thanks for your assistance.

Hello @mhannaway,

Could you please try to create a new blank page and place Org Chart v4 web part in it? Let me know if that helps.

Hi there, I created the new page and added the web part and am receiving the same error. Could this be an issue relating to our upgrade package we added or even having two apps installed?

Hello @mhannaway,

Could you please open the browser console (F12 or right click → Inspect), refresh the page, and export the console log (Right click → Save as):

Send the log to me as a private message or send it to with a reference to this community thread.