Org Chart with two manager


Is it possible to show have two managers for the same team using the Or Chart? My firm has a management position that is shared between two people, and would therefore need show the two manager on the same level with their subordinates on the level below. I've an attached an image to help explain.

Thanks for any help.


Hi @Steve1 ,
It looks like your request matches this case from our docs.
You can indeed create an Org Chart with two root nodes by adding a "dummy" top node and hiding it with JavaScript and CSS.
Please see that you need to use different CSS styles based on the layout you're using.
Please let me know if this works for you.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I've seen that article but is is not quite what I was hoping for. What I would like is two people sharing a role with reporting lines as shown in my image. Not to worry, thanks for looking into it.


thank you for the clarification!
Unfortunately, I don't think we can do a solid workaround for such a case. Org Chart renders a tree structure where each person can have one manager only, it is designed this way. In you case, all the team members should have two managers, currently it's not possible.

Okay, thanks for clarifying.