Orgchart for 350 people enterprise


Hello! In midday started to install OrgChart, wrote to support a dozen of mails with no answer. So does your support work on Fridays? Only in Moscow time?
Had to Spend Friday evening trying to configure OC. Manuals do not have exact guidance, sometimes the menus are different.
Why PS does not have video guidance for setting up? It is much more usefull.

I am trying to understand if PS Oc is usefull for big organization when only 20% of employees have PC and 10% have AD with O365, but we need all the in the chart.
As I understand in our case we need to use SPO list and link it to OC. and fiil it by data or sync with other systems.
But 10% of employess have O365, why not to take data from 2 sources at the same time? IF we have 2 places with data on the same person, it is mess.

Another point - WHHHYYY it is not possible to correct employee profiles directly on the orgchart page? We need to open SP list, find fields. Now 2019 year?


Hi @1116,

Thank you for your message.

Our support reply to Org Chart tickets within 24 hours. You may not receive a reply right away. It depends on the current support load. Unfortunately, we didn’t find dozens of tickets from you, only one. Our support will reply to it.

We prefer to not record videos about configuration because they quickly become outdated and only confuse people. Please follow the configuration guide.

I saw your post in your Facebook community question. The community members recommended you to create accounts in AD but to not issue licenses for them. This is one of the ways. Another way is to import all the data to a SharePoint list (you will need to write import code by yourself programmatically).

Another suggestion. If your employees without AD account don’t typically have subordinates, you can use vacancies to emulate them. Thus, you will display employees from AD and vacancies from a SharePoint list.

Editing of employees data is not implemented because the primary function of Plumsail Org Chart is visualization, not the modeling of Org Chart. In most of the cases, our customers import data from some third party system and manage data in a single data source.


That’s strange suggestion to mess up vacancies with employees without AD. We have 200 without AD, 20 vacancies.
Is there a way to sync AD with SharePoint list and add in this list people without AD? Or make 2 lists?


Hi @1116,

There is no ready to use solution for synchronization of AD and SharePoint list. SharePoint has a bunch of APIs that allow you to manage data in lists.

For example, you can use PnP PowerShell commandlets and write a script.

Thus, you will load data to a single list for AD and for your outside of AD users.