Orgchart profile pictures

I have Orgchart installed in a 2019 SharePoint site.
In IE and Firefox everything works fine but in chrome and edge the profile pictures do not show up.

Hi @Garrett ,
can you, please send some screenshots of the OrgChart in chrome and firefox?
Also, please reproduce the problem and attach the browser console log (F12).

2021-07-19 13_42_54-OrgChart — Mozilla Firefox
2021-07-19 13_41_07-Windowchrome
Please check and let me know.
The top is Chome
The bottom is FireFox.

This is quite odd.
Can you, please collect the browser console log (F12) from the browser where the picture is not shown?
(I'm a little confused about what browser that is. In your initial message, you said that Firefox is ok and Chrome is not, but your second message suggests otherwise).
Can you, please send the log as either a PM to me or an email to citing this topic? We'll look for any errors there.

sending update to email

resolved. source site for pictures is http and not https. mixed mode works in IE but other browsers will not accept http as a source in an https page.

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