Panel form mode for SharePoint List web parts not working

Hi there!

It appears that the panel view from a web part is not working. I've set following settings for the Form Mode:

Whenever an item is double-clicked from a list web part of the SP page, I'm immediately navigated to the fullscreen Plumsail displayform of the list.

We've recently updated the Plumsail app package of our SP tenant to the latest one,


and there doesn't appear to be any related errors appearing in the DevTools console loading the page with the list web part:

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hello @tryggvik,

I couldn't reproduce the issue on my tenant.

Please open the page with the list web part in incognito mode, make sure the page is fully loaded and try opening the form again. If you will get the same result, please record a short video with the opened browser console.

Hi @mnikitina,

Opening the page with the web part in incognito replicated the problem; I was again navigated to the fullscreen displayform.

Following is a screen-recording of the browser (in incognito-mode) console during a refresh, loading of the page with the web part, and then finally a double click of an item in the list web part.


Thank you! And can you open the form in a panel with double click from the SharePoint list view?

Hi again @mnikitina,

Following video shows the console when refreshing a SP list from a list view (not a web part on a page) and then a double-click of an item on that list to trigger the panel pop-up of the displayform:


We are not able to reproduce the issue on our side. Could you please record the HAR file when opening the page with the list web part and opening the form. Please find the instructions on how to record the HAR file here.

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@mnikitina, I sent you a DM with a download link to the HAR recording.


Thank you for the HAR file. The developers took a look and asked to send us a screenshot of the properties of the list web part, as shown here:

@mnikitina, these are the web part properties at the time of the HAR file recording:


Thank you!

Unfortunately panels cant work in list web parts with hidden command bars. It's essential for loading our customizer that enables panels. If you show the command bar — panels will work.

@mnikitina, alright thank you for the confirmation!

I set the command bar to show but the panels do not show appear when double-clicking an item. Does it take some time for the panel feature to kick in when the hide command bar setting has been disabled?

I tried re-saving the forms, but the issue of the display panels not appearing in the list web part persists.


Developers ask, is it possible to provide temporary access to your tenant for troubleshooting?
They will not make any changes to the tenant or access confidential information.

I DM you the email of our developer.

Hi @mnikitina!

Better late then never :wink:

I didn't get around to getting the access to the developer: however, I can confirm that now all of the sudden the panel form mode works for list web parts on the affected SP site. It might have been fixed via a Form Designer update - not quite sure what fixed it but felt like you should know :slight_smile:

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