PDF export length issue

One of our main forms is a project checklist with a few hundred items, our project leaders have a desire to print off the checklist (who knows!) sometimes. Our form is over 4 tabs with each tab having an accordian with a list-view in each accordian panel.

I can create the PDF with all data showing from tabs and accordions, but when I do it exceeds the 200inch length maximum that Acrobat has. This is because it creates it on one long page. As soon as I specify to pdfexport to use multi pages, or try adding CSS page breaks as seen in other posts and your excellent main guides, I run into crazy formatting issues, usually everything prints out correctly until it tries to create a new page, at which point the width of anything printed to PDF is too narrow and most of the page is whitespace. Are there any other PDF export options that can split the long document into two or three pages??

It's not really a suitable one for a Word Doc template as it mainly is printing the formatted list data.

Hello @Nathan,

Could you please share the screenshot of the result PDF so I could have a full picture and suggest something.

Thank you!

Thanks, attached is Page 1 which exports as desired (it is the contents of one tab, up to the manual page break)

Page 2 & 3 are on the same screenshot and are where it starts going wrong. Page 2 is tiny due to a manual page breaks I inserted via CSS..


I'm guessing its to do with Grid widths, but as far as I can tell everything is setup the same as the first page that outputs.

Hello @Nathan,

Please make sure that the width of containers and controls is equal to 12.

Also, you can specify the width of all elements on exported PDF by using k-pdf-export class. Please see the example in this article.

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Great, thanks. I hunted down the issue with widths. I'm still struggling with getting a good PDF though. No matter what I do the PDF does not split over multiple pages, the only page breaks occur when I insert manual page breaks. Which creates unprintable docs really. Should the folliwing code be splitting over muliple pages AND inserting page breaks where I specify the CSS.

fd.exportToPDF('All Tasks', {
paperSize: 'A1',
multiPage : true
landscape: false,
forcePageBreak: '.pdf-pagebreak',
margin: {
		left      : '10mm',
		top       : '20mm',
		right     : '10mm',
		bottom    : '20mm'


Hello @Nathan,

Please try specify pdf properties inside pdfOptions property instead of exportToPDF method like this:

fd.pdfOptions = {
    paperSize: 'A1',
    forcePageBreak: '.pdf-pagebreak'
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