Pdf Pagebreak Within the Multiple Lines Textbox Content


When exporting to pdf, I want to insert a line break inside the Multiple Lines Text Box. As I have a lot of content in the Multiple Lines Text Box. I find that If i don't add a line break within the content in the Multiple Lines Textbox, then the form will shrink to one page and users will be unable to read when printed.

Please refer to my exported pdf pic as below:

Please advise.


Dear @jyou,
Are you familiar with this article on PDF configuration? Check it out, it might be helpful! Let me know if something still doesn't work.


The format is very off when I wrote my code as the following. Please advise.

fd.pdfOptions = {
paperSize: 'A4',
margin: '0.5 mm',
landscape: false,
multiPage: true
//forcePageBreak: '.page-break'

Dear @jyou,
Not much I can help specifically - each form is unique and requires some adjustments. This functionality relies on browser's printing capabilities, so it might also depend on the browser.

I would recommend to experiment with the settings, for example, try different paperSize, or adjust the styles on the form to better fit your requirements.

I see thanks @Nikita_Kurguzov.

Just have one more question, how do I decrease the column size in List or Library control only when the form is being exported to pdf (or in pdf format)?

the below is my code but it does not work. Please advise:

.k-pdf-export .my-table .fd-sp-datatable tbody tr td:nth-child(1) {
min-width: 200px !important;
.k-pdf-export .my-table .fd-sp-datatable tbody tr td:nth-child(2) {
min-width: 250px !important;
.k-pdf-export .my-table .fd-sp-datatable tbody tr td:nth-child(3), td:nth-child(4) , td:nth-child(5) , td:nth-child(6) , td:nth-child(7), td:nth-child(8) {
min-width: 80px;


Dear @jyou,
Please, try it like this:

.k-pdf-export .my-table .fd-sp-datatable table colgroup col {
   width: 50px !important;

Hi @Nikita_Kurguzov ,

how do I set only column 1 to 50px based on your code above?

Thank you

Dear @jyou,
You can try the following code to select column based on an index:

.k-pdf-export .my-table .fd-sp-datatable table colgroup col:nth-of-type(0) {
   width: 50px !important;

.k-pdf-export .my-table .fd-sp-datatable table colgroup col:nth-of-type(1) {
   width: 100px !important;

.k-pdf-export .my-table .fd-sp-datatable table colgroup col:nth-of-type(2) {
   width: 150px !important;

Hi I tried your code, but the datatable stays the same, do I have to add anything in the class of the data table to make your code work? thank you

Dear @jyou,
The code above is for List or Library, not Data Table, like we've discussed before. Also, you need to add my-table class to the control's Grid Cell > Class: