PDF to Image - JSON format error

Hello Everyone - so I have these PDF files that just contain a large image on a single page. If I manually convert the PDF > PNG and then put through Cognative services/OCR everything works fine. Now i want to use a logic app and use Plumsail's Convert PDF to Image connector. I have the following flow below and it gives an error on the OCR phase.
"code": "BadArgument",
"requestId": "1b7fe41a-f258-455b-a64a-******",
"message": "JSON format error."

I tried saving the document that comes out of the Convert PDF to Image connector and its not a proper file as a PNG. Is there some type of decoding that has to be done or am I missing a step? I cant get it to save a proper image.out of the plumsail connector at all =/

Hello @deresistance,

I've made a simple PDF with only a picture inside and this flow

The action worked successfully and created a png file. There shouldn't be any specific decoding or something like this.

A possible reason of the issue is that the input is not a correct PDF file. You need to review the Convert PDF 2 image action input.

Best regards,
Plumsail team