People Picker Slow and Required Field Bug

Running into an issue on an SharePoint Online Form where typing the first three letters of a name in the people picker and it just spins. Then typing more after it spins just causes it to spin with no results. If I clear the search and type a username it finds that relatively quick.

There is another issue where if the people picker field is required by the list and the field loses focus it will mark the field as missing with an error (which is fine). Then when the field is re-focused and someone is picked from the people picker it still shows up in error. Until the field is cleared and another search is completed. If the field isn't cleared it will spin. Then if the field is cleared loses focus and refocuses.

Hello @thatoneguy!

Please check the app version in the console (F12). The latest version is 1.0.7. If the latest version not installed, please follow the instructions on how to Update the app package.

Also please check the Plumsail desktop version, it can be found in the bottom right of the program. The latest version is 1.4.6. Please also upgrade it.

After the upgrade please republish the forms.

In case you have the latest app version or after the upgrade, the issue still occurs, please send us the screenshot of the errors from the console.

Looks like the webpart version is My plumsail forms is 1.4.6. I published a brand new form yesterday and it still has webpart version Is it an issue with my setup on SharePoint


Please clean the browser cache, as it may keep information about the previous app package versions.

Also, please don't use 'replace the file' option when uploading new app package. Delete the old version and upload the new one. Make sure you've deployed the new app package.

Do I delete the form from the SharePoint site and re-save it? There is no publish and replace option in Plumsail Forms 1.4.6.

I cleared my browser cache that didn't change anything.

Do you see the latest web part version in the Console? The latest version of the package can always be found in your Plumsail Account.

If it is the latest version, open the Form in the application and click Save. You can select all forms and save them all at once.


If that will not resolve the issue, could you please send email to [email protected]. We might need to ask you to provide the temporary access to your tenant to troubleshoot the issue.

Thank you for the instructions on updating the Plumsail SharePoint app. I was able to update it successfully. I believe it fixed the issue. Thanks for your help! Sorry for the late reply.

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