People with no managers disappears or falls off org chart when previous manager is deleted

Hello, we have an issue where direct reports will disappear from an org chart once we deactivate or remove manager from our AD. My initial thought would be that AD would know to move these direct reports to the higher tier, but it doesn't.

Is it possible to force sync this?

Hello @khoan86,

Org Chart does not control Azure AD, but depends on it, so if the connection between direct reports and the manager is lost, it is lost in Org Chart as well.

Could you please clarify what you mean by sync? Do you update the manager for direct reports in Active Directory and it is not reflected in Org Chart?

Thanks for your response. Syncing might not be the correct term.

Is there a way to force the Org chart to inherit the manager from the previous hierarchy?
For example,

Employee C reports to B.
Employee B reports to A

Employee B left the company.

Azure AD or the org chart to automatically shift Employee C to report to Employee A.

Hi @khoan86,

The developers are looking at ways for implementing such functionality. I will let you know the outcome.

Hi @khoan86,

As Org Chart cannot affect Azure AD, the best we can do is replace an employee box with a vacancy in case it's blocked in Azure. However, if the user is deleted, their box will not be switched to a vacancy.