Permission Management - Exception User has no right

In my 2013 Workflow (Sharepoint 2019) in a stage I want to manage permissions. So I added step
Remove All permissions on Item, but Workflow doesn't go through the step.
In workflow history I can see a message "Exception: The user i:0#.w|company\username does not have permission to perform this action".
Which is imo quite strange.
Workflow is published on Site Owner account (person) and in documentation reads that this action "Remove All permission on Item" works on Publisher privileges.
On earlier stages everything works fine. Just stops on 1st Action from Workflow Actions Pack.
User has "Edit" rights.
Workflow started manually.
Publisher has Owner role.

Please help!

OK. I have promoted users to Full Control.
And still the same error. What may I do wrong?

Hello Marcin,

Could you check if the same user can remove the permissions via SharePoint interface? If you log in to the SharePoint admin site and try to remove the permissions under the user, does it work?

Best regards,
Plumsail team

I have performed some additional test and alignments.
Regular user initially has Edit rights to list.
User can share an Item, but can not remove permissions.
I as Farm Admin can add and remove permissions.

Workflow was published by me - so WF Actions should run on my permisiions - as it is read in documentation.

Small update:
When user initiates workflow on its item it is not working.
When I as Farm Admin intiate the workflow on users item it all works fine.

Hi @Marcin,

The solution is to open properties of the action in workflow designer and set "run as publisher" to true.

Best regards,
Plumsail team