Person field filtering


I am needing to create a people field on a form that we are currently developing, but we require filtering to be applied to this field.

We need the field to only display users with a department assigned, this is due to our company having many service accounts that we do not want shown.

Appreciate any help that can be provided.


Hello @MattG,

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How do you determine whether a user belongs to a department? Do you use separate SharePoint groups for departments?

Thanks for your reply @mnikitina

We determine department using the users SharePoint account properties. I can access this with PnP JS, so I know it can be accessed by the JavaScript but just haven't found a way to filter the person lookup using this property.

Hello @MattG,

Currently, the only option to filter the Person or Group field is to define a SharePoint group in the column settings. Thus, you can select only users from a specific group.

We can offer paid support for adding an ability to filter Person or Group field by account properties. If you are interested, email us at [email protected] for more information.

Thanks for your help,

We will look into using SharePoint groups, and will look at contacting support if we need more functionality.

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