PlumSail Form Creating Multiple SharePoint Items via Flow

I have a PlumSail form that once submitted is set to create a SharePoint item in MS Flow. The issue is that I am getting 5 new SharePoint items created for each form submitted. I don't have an 'Apply if Each' so no idea why this is happening.

Dear Stefanie,
Is this something you experience for all the forms or just this specific one? If it’s the only that creates SharePoint items, can you create another one just to test it out? If this is the only form you experience the issue with, can you show us the rest of the Flow? If it’s not something you want to post, you can email it to us to [email protected]

I am getting a bad gateway error, the list I am trying to create the item in has more then 12 lookup columns between date/time and people pickers. I believe this is causing the issue.


Dear Stefanie,
Is there any other information about the error available? If the error appears randomly, just from time to time, that might be Microsoft’s issue on the servers. If it’s consistent, most likely some data is input incorrectly or the Flow is missing some required data.

I found the issue to be because I have more then 12 lookup. I created a separate list with less look up fields and the workflow worked as expected. It is a list specific issue. I re-worked what I was trying to accomplish so am goo d now. Thank you!