Plumsail form direct access to individual submissions


We are trying to integrate plumsail form with a MS Power Pages portal application. A signed in user in the Power Pages Portal creates a record in the portal and then clicks a link to open an anonymous access public plumsail form. We pass the RegistrationID field value from the portal table row to the plumsail form using url parameters.

Once the form is submitted by the end user, we have a power automate flow that is triggered. Based on the RegristrationID field in the submission, we can therefore store the Submission ID from the form against the record in the portal.

Now, we would like to construct a link and store it against a column in the portal which when clicked would open the plumsail webpage and directly display the corresponding submission.

Please let us know how this can be done.


Hello @Prathyoo,

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You can build a direct link to the submission like this:{formId}/{submissionId}

Hello, is there any way of adding to that URL a token/code to authenticate access in the case where the account holder is not logged in?



You can add something like ?key=value at the end of any URL:{formId}/{submissionId}?key={value}

Then you can read the value like this:

    var queryString =;
    var urlParams = new URLSearchParams(queryString);
    var key = urlParams.get('value');

Here's more on the topic: Populate form with data from different sources with JavaScript (public forms) — Public web forms

Let me know if this helps.