Plumsail Forms and Forms Designer

Good Afternoon,

We currently have a SharePoint site with Forms Designer installed and many Forms, we are looking to migrate across to Plumsail Forms.
I am aware that the forms are not compatible i.e. there is no way to migrate a from from forms designer into Plumsail Forms and that we will need to recreate the old forms using the new Plumsail Forms tool. However is it possible to have both Forms Designer Forms and Plumsail Forms active on the same list, so for example I have a large list with around 8-10 form sets, we only ever use the default New Form but have many variations of the edit and display forms dependant on the user and item status.
I guess my first question is which tools default forms take priority? Will all the old forms just stop working as soon as I create a form set for that list using Plumsail Forms?


Dear @Tony_Duke,
It’s best not to use both tools on the same Lists at the same time. Different Lists - sure, but it might lead to serious conflicts when you have both.

The redirection works very differently between the two, and I’m not even sure how it would behave in all the potential situations. Most likely, the latest saved forms would take priority, but this also depends on other factors. Best not to use together, especially not in production environment.

How to migrate such Lists? Various options here. One option would be to create a template from the List, recreate it on testing site (or same site, with different name), then slowly build all the forms for it, and finally export them. Once this is done, reset all the old forms for the original list, and import the newly created forms.

This seems like the most balanced approach, which should give time to create new forms, and it shouldn’t take too much time to replace the actual forms for the list.

Thanks for the Info Nikita, I will go for the option of creating a template of the lists and recreate them and then build the New Plumsail Forms on there before exporting…

Thanks again.