Plumsail Forms for SharePoint Online Malfunction/Bug


There is a bug you just published!!!

We are experiencing Forms malfunctioning in several places, there are differences in behavior.

Did you change anything now? Any releases?

Why is it possible that once published form can behave differently?

We need it to work for our customer!! please fix it asap!!


From strange console info, I can e.g. paste this one (it's not our code for sure):

Hi @jedrzej.dankowski,

We just released a new version of Forms. Could you describe the malfunctions in more detail so we can fix them faster? Some screenshots of the affected forms and the browser console (F12) would also be very helpful.

I have posted a response above. One of the developers published local url I guess?

This is pretty unreliable that once built and developed Form is affected by a server code on your side

I notified the dev team, and they're looking into this. I'll let you know if they need more information to fix the problem


Seems like the issue isn't connected to the URL on the screenshot. Could you record a screen capture video of the problem or take some screenshots?

We are not able to work and are blocked in our customers facilities. We are getting into troubles .....

Can you roll it back and run tests?

The forms are pretty complex and we have like 100 of them.


We need a description of the problem before we can take drastic measures. If making screenshots or screencasts isn't an option, could you describe the problem in text? Is it happening on log-in, in the designer, when opening a form? What exactly breaks?

In the meantime, please try clearing the browser's cache.

Clearing cache did not help.

Several things can go wrong here, and I am not able to detect what.

So basically there are some differences how changing the fields visibility toggles on runtime after I turn on the forms / how dropdown common field population works? / or some race conditions

From what we have discovered so far, problem might be related to dynamic common field dropdown population, but I'm not 100% sure

This one doesn't work. Dropdown doesn't have any elements

We are suddenly experiencing issues with Microsoft flow being unable to download the form attachments.


"error": {

"code": 404,

"source": "",

"clientRequestId": "68f03584-eaf9-45a1-bb08-f93290737607",

"message": "The response is not in a JSON format.",

"innerError": "\r\nNot Found\r\n<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" Content="text/html; charset=us-ascii">\r\n

Not Found


HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.




Hi @jedrzej.dankowski,

We just rolled back, let me know if the issue persists.

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It works. I will get back to you on PM. Please make sure you don't push the same issue again

@IliaLazarevskii rollback has resolved our issue.

Thank you!

@jedrzej.dankowski, @robn,

I'm glad to know that the problem is solved. We apologize for the interruption and the inconvenience it caused. Please be assured that we are taking steps to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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@IliaLazarevskii - I'm facing a similar issue where my Form has completely lost all text for choice options, dropdowns are just showing 'object' and power automate has failed on those people managed to submit as a consequence of this.

I've raised a ticket, but is there any wat a roll back can be attempted? Ticket number is #SP38992.

Its a business critical form so keen to try and have it fixed asap!


@lliaLazarevskii I'm also experiencing problems with the new update. I raised a ticket yesterday and I still do not have a response. Can this be fixed urgently as it is affecting crucial business functions.



Hi @MleHig, @Matthew,

We've reverted the changes causing this issue, clearing the browser cache should fix the problem. The PowerAutomate connection should also be fixed by now. Note that the forms created with the faulty version of the app will not work.

Please follow these steps to get your forms back online:

  1. Clear browser cache
  2. If the forms are still behaving faulty, open them in the designer and re-save
  3. If the previous steps didn't help, rebuild the forms. Importing a previous version of a form from a file is the simplest way to do this.

The forms shouldn't break after the rollback if you didn't save them with the faulty version of the app. Let me know if this helps.