Plumsail opens the wrong Display and EditForm

Hey all,
I'm on Sharepoint 2019 (OnPrem) on the latest version.
After creating a list from a list template and adding a form via Plumsail Forms designer, Plumsail opens the wrong DisplayForm and EditForm (of the original list used as template)
Both lists use the same content type.

As I have different Form requirements for each list it doesn't work as expected - is there any way I can fix it?

Dear @JonHebbe,
I can't say what you mean by "wrong" - have you created multiple forms and a different ones open? How does it look? Can you send some screenshots? Both from within the editor and from browser.

Check URLs of the forms (you can disable Panel in editor to open full screen), check if you haven't customized layouts for different devices, check if multiple Form Sets are created for the same forms.

It opened the Display and EditForm of the original template list, not the new list I've created.
E.g. template list is named "TemplateList" and new list is name "NewList" it opened

TemplateList/DisplayForm instead of NewList/DisplayForm, the URL also switched to TemplateList/DisplayForm

I built the new list from scratch without using the template and now it works - seems like a bug either from Sharepoint or from Plumsail.

Dear @JonHebbe,
Depending on how you've created a list - the old forms previously associated with the old list might've been transferred to the new list.

To avoid this, you might need to just re-save forms in the editor for new list.