Plumsail Public Fom Fields Not Aligned

Hello. Last week I made a form and everything looked good. This morning I checked the form again and the padding of the fields were not aligned, even though the value is the same. Prior to this issue, the fields were aligned with the "back" and "next" buttons, with a padding of 0 on the left and the right of the fields. Now it seems that the padding is back to the default of 15 even though it has been changed to 0 in the form designer. The rows in the form that have 2 fields seem to have the right padding. Hopefully I can get some help here, thank you!

Dear @GadizaPribadi,
This does look like a bug in the web editor - I'll let the dev team know, so it's fixed ASAP.
For now, please, specify the following Grid Cell - Style:


For now, setting the padding to 0 isn't working, so hopefully you can fix the bug soon. Thank you for your help, Nikita!