Populate dropdown field in SharePoint form with data from list located in another site

good day !
I want to populate a dropdown field (fields from plumsail form) with values from another list from another site with Title. It works, but sho not all items. List have 1500+ items, returned only 50.
From manual

function populateDepartmentCodes(){

    //specify your site URL
    var siteURL = 'http://intranet/sites/help/';
    let web = new Web(siteURL);

    web.lists.getByTitle('Products').items.select('Title').get().then(function(items) {

            data: items.map(function(i) { return i.Title })

        //set the dropdown with the previously selected value
       // fd.field('DropDown1').value = fd.field('DepartmentCode').value;

fd.spRendered(function() {

    //call function on from load

    //fill SharePoint field with the selected value
    fd.field('DropDown1').$on('change', function() {
      //  fd.field('DepartmentCode').value = fd.field("DropDown1").value;

Hello @ixxxl,

For large lists, you should use paging. Find more information in the PnPjs documentation here.

If you are using Plumsail Forms v1.8.7, you can use the Lookup control to get data from different sites and site collections.

for now i have some problems with 1.8.7 in test environment,. Work with support team about this issue. and i still work with 1.4.8
i will try with pnp.. thank you

Good day!
How can i sort by title after populating dropdown field from another site?

@Nikita_Kurguzov @mnikitina
Can you help me please?

Dear @ixxxl,
You can try it like this:

web.lists.getByTitle('Some list').items.orderBy('Title', true).get().then(function(resutls) {
  // etc
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Thank you!