Populate multi selection result to word template


I am trying to use Plumsail Document to populate word document and convert to PDF in my company in business documents auto generation from SharePoint Lists. I am quite new to microsoft flow as well as plumsail. By following the tutorials in the Plumsail Documentation I've got my word template populated almost fine.

Now I run into a problem which puzzled me for a bit of time. My company business requires to send a populated document with information collected from sharepoint list item. There is one sharepoint field called 'Copy To' which allow to multiselect people/users whom shall be copied with the generated document with the format "Display Name, Job Title, Department". This "Copy To" field allow to add multi users from my sharepoint site, and I need to populate the result of the selection to format "Display Name, Job Title, Department" with a comma separator. And then send the document via email to the "copy to" users.

Now I can get the email sending distribution function fine. But since I am quite new to microsoft flow I cannot get the people picker data array to string works to match the format in the populated word document as mentioned above.

Can someone help me to get out of it? Better with flow captured for reference. Thanks in advance!

Hi @aliyunrobot,

After using the SharePoint action to get the list item data you should have the items available in dynamic content window and then used in Plumsail action.

How does the data array look in your case? Have you tried to parse it to get the dynamic values and use in the Plumsail action?

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail team

Hi Petr,

Sorry for late reply as the COVID outbreak. The multi selection field is a people picker field. For my business, I need to set up a form and let our users to fillin within my sharepoint site, the people picker is a multiselection field as used for form result receivers, and then I need to use Microsoft Flow to populate a word template and send out to the receivers. I have 'receivers' and 'copyto' people picker which need to be multi selection field. And also a repeat table in the form, also need to some how populated to the word template.

Thanks for your reply.