PowerApps Input to XLSX Template via JSON

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I've been struggling with implementing this "Create XLSX from template" connector in Microsoft Flow. I have a PowerApps connection where the user will input all changes to the 'template' file - all done via the app. When submitting these changes, he/she is suppose to get a return file of the XLSX file where the json is reading the powerapps object back.

This was working when i hardcoded the values before, but not when i'm referencing powerapps object. Could you please steer me into the right way of either converting the powerapps Obj to the format that works with the 'create xlsx from template' connector?

I've referenced this article so far:


In the below are the images of my 'successful run' however as you can see the object that it pulls is "{}", even though i have data flowing through Powerapps.

Please advise

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I also receive this in the cell when i am positive powerapps has transferred some data into the created xlsx document...

Hello @atosi,

"Create XLSX from template" action accepts JSON or you can pass a string to JSON as a dynamic value. The action runs fine and it means that the passed powerapps value doesn't break the JSON structure, however it's not clear what is under the dynamic value. What data, or string do you intend to pass to the JSON?

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Petr Bushuev
Plumsail team

Hi Petr,

Thank you for getting back to me.

I'm trying to pass string values. I've struggled with the following. When i press "button's" OnSelect Property, it calls all the values in those text fields listed and brings it to the Flow. So far i've tested with just the one text field in the second image, and i'm returned "{}" in my final XLSX file:

Passing the text field "BuildingNumBuildingName" (i.e. Left(BnumLBL_5.Text,6) = B14934)

Dynamic content isn't passing the string value "B14934"