Prevent opening item in dialog from a List control

Hi all, I want to open an item from a List control, but it always opens in dialog mode.
Is there any option to open it in full page?


Hello @PedroJimenez,

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You can change the size of the dialog window using the code below, so that the dialog will be opened in a full screen.

fd.control('SPDataTable1').dialogOptions = {
    width: window.screen.width,
    height: window.screen.height

Thank you @mnikitina.
Perfect solution!

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Hi @mnikitina , this solutions was perfect, but now I want to open an item without dialog from a list control.
Is there any solution for that? Or maybe a workaround?


Hello @PedroJimenez,

How do you want to open it? In the same or a new tab?

Hi @mnikitina , in the same tab.


You can customize the Title column thus that the link will open in the same tab:

fd.spRendered(function() {
    fd.control('SPDataTable1').templates = {
        Title: function(ctx) {
            var value = ctx.row.Title;
            if (!value) {
                return '';
            //update the path
            return '<a href="' + ctx.row.ID + '">' + value + '</a>';

You can also replace the default Edit button with a custom one. See the example in our documentation here: