Printing Format


One of the key components of Forms Designer was the ability to print the forms just as they were designed. The new Plumsail Forms seem to eliminate this feature and unfortunately printing from a web page means that the navigation bar on the left covers over half the form. Any immediate plans to format the printing?


Dear rescoproducts,
As you know, Plumsail Forms is a new product and many features are only being added. We didn’t remove anything intentionally, but wanted to give our users an ability to design Modern Forms as soon as possible. We will continue to add features to the product and update it to match functionality of Forms Designer and improve it in many ways.

Currently, you can try to print Form with this CSS added, it should remove all the unnecessary elements from the page:

@media print 
    .ms-CommandBar, .ms-Nav, .ms-compositeHeader, div[class^="searchBox_"], .removeFocusOutline, .commandBarWrapper {
        display:none !important;

Tell us if you experience any issues and we’ll try our best to find a way to solve them.


Looks like that worked like a charm!


It only sets up page 1 for printing. If my form expands 2 pages, this command only shows the 1st page and cuts off the rest.


did you find a fix fo this?


No. But I think they are working on adding this functionality.


Dear Chris,
We do have planned functionality to export forms to PDF file, which will allow you to easily print the whole form. Right now, there is no date we can announce, it will depend on the demand and other priorities.