Profile Picture missing


After updating to latest version (2.3.1) of Plumsail Org Chart, no profile pictures appears anymore. The source is User Profile and Box Template Photo URL is set to ‘PictureURL (PictureURL)’. Instead of Profile Picture, just the gray Sharepoint Image holder is visible. Any tip?


Hi Ona,

Please open developer tools of your browser (F12), navigate to Console tab, reproduce the issue and send us a screenshot of the Console tab.

This will help us to solve the issue faster.

Best regards
Anton Khritonenkov


I’m posting here resolution after direct communication via help desk.

After researching the issue the reason was found. It was related to test and production farms configuration. The issue is not related to Org Chart. After resolving it pictures were displayed correctly.

Best regards,
Anton Khritonenkov
Plumsail Team


Hi Support Team. Looks like we have the same issue. Can you provide the way the issue can be solved? Thx, Markus


Hi @Markus1,

Thank you for your message.

What is your version of Plumsail Org Chart? Is it Org Chart for Office 365 or Org Chart for SharePoint 2013/2016?

If the first case the possible reason may be related to synchronization of pictures between Office 365 Delve and SharePoint. Sometimes when picture exists in Delve, it doesn’t exist in SharePoint.

If your version is On-Premises SharePoint 2013/2016, then the issue may be related to the synchronization of pictures between SharePoint user profiles and Active Directly.

Could you describe your specific case and the source of your pictures?


Hi Anton

Our version for the SP2016 on perm platfrom is: Plumsail Org Chart 2.2.30. Pictures have been displayed. Then I switched in ‘Tooltip Template’ to ‘HTML Mode’ and pictures disappeared. Thx for your help. Cheers, Markus


Hi @Markus1

Could you share the HTML template that was generated when you switched?

Also, if you switch back from HTML mode, do the pictures appear?

If not, send me the screenshot of the Tooltip template step of the wizard as well.