Provision Plumsail Form


I am using SharePoint Online with Plumsail Form.

I need to import Plumsail form from “Item_New.xfds”, “Item_Edit.xfds” and “Item_Display.xfds” files in SharePoint list using SharePoint Online PowerShell

Can you show me the sample code

Thank you so much

Not possible via PowerShell but you can build your own application to do it

We have built our own and it works successfully

Is Powershell support for import and export somehow on the roadmap? We are using Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate and Set-PnPProvisioningTemplate for synchronising DEV, TEST and LIVE systems and it would be wonderful to use the same technology to sync the forms

We do not have PowerShell command-lets so far but you can use any NuGet client tool for installing our package.

And then use its assemblies in your PowerShell script:

I have a question on this. Can we programmatically retrieve all aspx pages from the source site, then use the program to import

Hello @syeda33,

You can list all *.xfds files within Site Pages/PlumsailForms folder and use them for importing forms to another site.