Public Form Embed Code URL Parameters

In order to avoid the annoying blue bar at the top of the webpage of the Public Form we use the embed code to put the form inside another page. The issue we are having is trying to pass in the URL parameters we use. Is there coding in the embed code to add the URL parameters?

Dear @IT.Joe,
Hmm, interesting request - can you specify your requirements and send details to We'll see what can be done about it, maybe we can offer paid support to introduce a new feature - this can be useful to many users. Just let us know the details even if you are not interested in paid support, we might get to implement it one way or another down the road.

P.S. As for the annoying blue bar - you can fully customize the header in your Plumsail Account -> Forms -> Pages. If you want to hide it, just remove the logo and change Header's color to: #FAF9FF