Query Folder URL when in Child list item

I have utilised folders in my child list, as it is very convenient to set the base folder urls in each child control (brilliant feature, thank you :grinning:). It’s great for keeping my list items orderly and in separate containers.

To enhance this further, when in the child form, I’d like to be able to access the root folder details so that I can set some of the fields in my child list accordingly - is it possible to get the properties of the child list when in a new child item? I tried fd.data but it just returns the empty fields of the child. I also tried looking at window.top - are the values in there somewhere?

Kind regards

Hi Andy,

I’m very sorry for the late reply and I’m sure that you already found a solution. But for those who have similar questions:

  1. you can make ‘fd’ available globally in a parent form, like this: window.myform = fd;
  2. then, you can access this object from a child form, like this: window.top.myform
  3. and finally, you can retrieve List or Library control, like this: window.top.myform.control(‘SPDataTable0’)

Thanks for clarifying! :):smile: