Recommendations: List View Web Part?

I apologize if this is off topic, but we just started using Plumsail forms in an effort to move away from another forms designer app. When we develop these forms for our SharePoint lists, we create a front end UI by using a List View web part (not the one OOTB), but from the other company. To fully switch to Plumsail, I need a nice, neat, configurable front end for my users when working with list items.

One example of how we use our current list view web part is for an inhouse IT ticketing system. We have multiple lists with relationships to run our tickets. On our home page of our SharePoint team site, we have a webpart to show the main ticketing list. It has tabs at the top for specific views (Tech1, Tech2, On-hold, etc, etc). It also allows for easy configuring of alternating row colors, Auto refreshing, item count by view beside the tab name, and several others.

For those of you using forms in your SharePoint lists, what are some recommendations for how we can accomplish this. Consider that we are fairly new to SharePoint, but can figure most things out. We cannot continue to use the current web part because we want to cancel their services. I've combed through the SharePoint marketplace through Microsoft and searching on the web and cannot find a reasonable alternative. We do not want to pay an arm and a leg for something like this.

Any pointers in the right direction would be so very appreciated. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and being able to reciprocate in the future.

Gary Griffin

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Hello @CBOI_GGriffin,

Welcome to Plumsail Community!

You can customize List View and Column formatting using SharePoint features. You can apply conditional formatting, create clickable actions, etc. Please find more information in Microsoft documentation here:

I would like to add my vote to a Plumsail list view web part that will behave like a SharePoint List but with advancements like:

  1. A better, more robust filtering (SharePoint doesn't support complex filtering)
  2. Whole row click to open form
  3. Don't make lookup columns hyperlinks to the columns value
  4. A search bar at the top to dynamically filter the list

This would be very useful to my employer.

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Hello @smithme,

Thank you for sharing your ideas!

We are not planning to develop the List View Web Part in the nearest future. If we will start working on it, we will consider your comments.

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