Record Limit for GetByTitle()

Apparently, there is a limit to the number of records returned when performing a GetByTitle('ListName
'). The limit is 100 records. How can I get around this?

I have a dropdown field added to the form that queries a large read only list. I used a dropdown to enable combobox functionality. Users can either select one of the options or type a new one. I have been unable to get the Lookup Control or to use a SharePoint Lookup to expose the combobox functions.

Code sample

function fncPopulatePartNumbers(){
var siteURL = '';
let web = new Web(siteURL);

web.lists.getByTitle('Prospective Parts')'Title').get().then(function(items) {

        data: { return i.Title })


Hello @EasyCom,

The get() method returns the first 100 items of the list. To get all items, use the getAll() method like so:

web.lists.getByTitle('Prospective Parts')'Title').getAll()

Thanks I did find that. And eventually abandoned the idea because of performance issues, made worse by using the Change event. Any thoughts on how to manage performance with very large lists? It looks like the PlumSail controls use paging to improve performance.


What do you want to design? Please share more details.

How large is the list? How many items are in it?

There are several lists ranging from 500 to 50000 items. There is no specific design requirement for these lists, but we will want to reference them for consistency and accuracy.

Generally... The large list is an inventory. The idea will be to reference the inventory item as part of the form's function as the item is the subject of the request or action. The best presentation in SharePoint will be to use the Title field as the reference item. This prevents the use of a Lookup Field

As an example: A SharePoint list of inventory items to... purge or stock or whatever. A user would use a form to select an item and fill out the rest of the form with the details of the action to be performed. The Title field would be the Inventory Item number and the other fields would be action specific. Using the Title field ensures that emails, tasks, etc., subsequently created would reference something "easily identifiable" by the user. i.e. Purge item 123


And why don't you want to use the Lookup field or control?
Using the Lookup field, users can easily search within large lists. And you can populate fields with extra data from the target list, like title, inventory number, description, etc.

I suppose I could... Add a Lookup Field to the list and then use code to map the selection's LookupValue to the Title field. It has always offended my "sense of completeness" to add a field that's only purpose is to overcome a limitation in my coding skills. It may be easier then attempting to replicate the paging capability of a Lookup field.


The idea of the Lookup field/control in Plumsail is to provide enchased functionality in the UI and avoid coding. Please have a look at the documentation related to Lookup for more information: