Recovery of setup in the config wizard


A change was made in the list the Org Chart was linked to and we are unable to see what was originally setup in the config wizard now. Is there a way to recover what was setup in the config wizard? Below is what we see now:

Thanks for your help

Hello Sally! No, in this case, you need to cancel the configuration changes in the wizard, open it again and save all the required settings as screenshots or text files (for CSS, JS, templates). Then, after changing the list, recover the settings using the saved data.

I will ask developers whether we can avoid resetting the configuration when changing the data source.


Thank you for your help. Each time I open the wizard, all the different sections are greyed out so I cannot click on them to see what was originally set up to take screenshots to rebuild. Please see screenshot below:

Do you have any suggestions? I tried cancelling and reopening the wizard and I see the above, no matter what I try.


Then please discard all changes on the page and exit from the edit mode. Then go to the list of your SharePoint pages and open the version history of the Org Chart one:

Then restore the one that you need:

Save all the required settings and then use them when configuring the new data source list.


Thank you for your help. The data source list was reset to how it was originally set up and I tried to restore previous versions. Unfortunately, no matter what I try, the latest versions for this year all show greyed out sections. The version I have been able to restore is one from the end of last year, which unfortunately, has a lot of the setup missing that was added this year.

Changes happen to lists all the time, surely there has to be a better way to recover what was setup in the config wizard without losing everything if a change is made?


Unfortunately, there is no other way to restore previous settings. I suggested to developers adding a feature for exporting/importing configuration but for now, you will have to restore the configuration manually if it was not saved in the version history of the page.

Appreciate the help to try and resolve this and for forwarding the suggestion to your developers.