Redirect form on Close

How do you redirect a from from a close button?


You can use ‘spClosed’ event handler:

fd.spClosed(function() {
    window.location = "URL...";

Also, you can find more information about a redirection:

When I use that fuction and use on click of return fd.close(); it does not redirect. but if I do a return fd.Closed() then the button does nothing form does not close or redirect.


OK, please copy and paste this code:

fd.spClosed(function() {

It should help.

Notice that there is no ‘fd.closed()’ event, only ‘fd.spClosed()’.

That worked! Thank you

I am using

fd.spClosed(function() {

and it is now working, am I missing something?

Dear Stefanie.

Please try to use

fd.spClosed(function(result) {



Hi Alex,

I wonder, if there is an spClosed event, is there also a spBeforeClosed event?

Is it right that I cannot put an asynchronous function (such as a PnP update) in the spClosed or spSaved events? I know I can do this in beforeSave, but how to do it also in beforeClosed - if it exists?

Kind regards, Andy

Hello @abolam,

Why not? You can use something like this code below that creates a new item then the item is closed:

fd.spClosed(function() {

pnp.sp.web.lists.getByTitle("List Name").items.add({
			Title: "New Item"

But it depends on what exactly you want to do. We wouldn't recommend using something like the above code, as you might create lots of extra records.

Hi Nikitina,

Sorry I thought it wasn't allowed, must be mixing it up with Forms Designer, that's great, if I can do that I should be able to achieve what I need to. Thanks!!

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Hi Nikitina, seem to be getting issues when I use a .then in my spClosed handler:


var getThisItem = result.itemId;
.then(function (currentOMC){
'do some stuff here'


When I debug this the form gets to .then and then throws me out without doing anything further. Can you advise on what might be happening there?

Hello @abolam,

fd.spClosed doesn't return any data. Please use fd.itemId to get the ID of the item.