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I am attempting to perform a similar scenario in Power Automate as presented in this article.

My data source is a field in SharePoint online - containing the below data: (Edit - see the attached file as they are not being displayed properly in this post)

  • SharePoint sites: SharePoint RCM;
  • SharePoint Site Permissions: Read, create and modify;
  • Teams group: Teams - O;
  • Teams group Permissions: Owner;
  • File Server - shared folder: uml RCM;
  • File Server Permissions: Read, create and modify;
  • Group Email Accounts : Group email;
  • Outlook Public Folders: _OPF _;
  • Access to office areas (door card): _IT Office _;
  • Comments: Comments;

I used Regex101 to test the below statements. (EDIT - see attached Text file as they are not displayed properly in this post).

Individually, each one matches the required line of data in the above string. However when I try to combine all of them in one complete statement (as demonstrated in the article) no matches are identified.

My assumption is that the '|' symbol at the end of each statement represents an OR condition for the next statement. Saying that, I removed these symbols with the same problem.

Any help would be really appreciated.


**SharePoint sites:** _(?.+|)

**SharePoint Site Permissions:** _(?.+|)

**Teams group:** _(?.+|)

**Teams group Permissions:** _(?.+|)

**File Server - shared folder:** _(?.+|)

**File Server Permissions:** _(?.+|)

**Group Email Accounts :** _(?.+|)

**Outlook Public Folders:** _(?.+|)

**Access to office areas (door card):** _(?.+|)

**Comments:** _(?.+)Regex.txt (593 Bytes)Data.txt (481 Bytes)

Hello @WarrenGibbs,

I tried it with 2 lines and adding these symbols helps:


Best regards,
Plumsail team

Thank you @Petr

Your solution works!

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