Remove character from string

Ok, this should be really simple but the solution eludes me.

Let’s say I have a string of: a b c-x y z-1 2 3

I need to remove the dashes and leave everything else (including the white space): a b cx y z1 2 3

So I can’t replace the dash with another character, I need to remove it.

What would be the best way to do this?

Note that I have to work with existing data and can’t change the source string

Hello Robert,

You can use Replace Substring in string or Regular Expression Replace to do this.

Please pay attention that in SharePoint Designer you can’t get empty string, but as workaround you can use trim workflow action with whitespace.

AHA! I had everything except the trim action. The workflow kept telling me that the value cannot be blank. Who would have thought to use the Trim action to get an empty string.

Thanks agian!